Blue Sky Team

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Blue Sky Team

Our Canada team consists of nine storesspread across British Colombia. Beyond our physical storefronts, we have ourhard-working warehouse team and a team to manage our thriving web store, aswell as the dedicated people working at our headquarters in North Vancouver.Marilyn’s sister, Norma, is ourfabric artist, designing the many unique and eye-catching prints and patternsthat are then brought to life by our overseas teams.

Working with us since 2000, our China team produces our signature bambooclothing! Located in the beautiful Sichuan province, they harvest the bambooand sew it into the elegant outfits Blue Sky Clothing is known for. Blue Sky’srelationship with our China team runs deep; Marilyn has several family membersliving in Sichuan and is close friends with Sunny, who overseers our seamsters.

Our Indonesia team hasbeen with us since the beginning, partnering with us for over 20 years! Located in the vibrant city of Bali, they produce Blue Sky’seye-catching batik art pieces and the beloved natural fibre rayon productsperfect for summer weather.  

The most recent addition to the Blue Sky family, the Mongoliateam produces our ultra-soft cashmere sweaters! Following a cashmere-producingtradition that dates back hundreds of years, our team cares for the goats that producethe yarn, shear them annually, and dye the yearn locally with natural dyes.