A Letter from Marilyn to you

My husband died when I was in my late twenties. This experience taught me that life can be unpredictably short and motivated me to want to do something meaningful with my life.

I never had enough clothes growing up. When I coupled this with the knowledge that my mother and many other women struggled to find comfortable, affordable clothing in natural fibre, Blue Sky Clothing was born!

I began producing garments in Indonesia as that was one of the only places where I could get fabrics in small quantities and where I could create prints myself. I've been working with the same people there for over twenty years and we've all prospered together.

Then through family connections, I began producing in Northern China as that is where the bamboo for clothing is grown. Our sewers work only for Blue Sky and all the garments made are fair trade. I love going there each year to visit and create.

Blue Sky offers clothing that fits all shapes and sizes. Everyone wants to feel beautiful and comfortable, so there’s a great amount of detail given to the fit of each garment and there is a deep selection of categories and styles to choose from – with almost all styles available in sizes from XXS to 4X. 

We are as inclusive with our pricing as we are with our sizes and styles; there is no additional charge for plus size clothing. This is virtually unheard of in the industry, let alone in natural fabrics.

The comfort of our fabrics is of utmost importance, as is easy-care. We make our clothing washable, wearable natural fiber that will go back to the earth at the end of its long life. We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible in all aspects of business. I consider myself a tree-hugger who supports kindness and care for people and the planet.


With love and gratitude,