Our feature fabric is made from sustainable bamboo; it’s light jersey knits offer a soft touch on the skin, utter breathability, and deep, forgiving stretch.

Bamboo is fast-growing and doesn’t require pesticides. As important, it’s a plant fiber that breaks back down into the natural environment.

While manufacturing does involve some chemical treatment, this process is closely monitored and regulated by China’s new and expanding environmental policies.

The environmental impact of bamboo is much less than the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing other natural fibers such as cotton (very high in pesticide use and water consumption), or the creation, washing and disposing of synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester, which cause deep damage at each level, from manufacture to microplastics in our water, to non-biodegradable disposal.

At Blue Sky, we acknowledge that all industries have an environmental impact. We do our very best to find the most eco-friendly options while making quality, comfortable clothing.