In Memory of Marilyn's Mother

Margaret Sutherland


Posted on May 14 2023

“The thing I loved most about my mother was that she always made me feel like I was okay,” says Blue Sky’s owner Marilyn. “Even when I was at my worst, she was there for me. She’s gone now, but I still feel the warmth of her love and acceptance.
It wasn’t always smooth sailing at Marilyn’s house when she was growing up. Her mother, Elaine, was on her own with four kids. The family was often short of money and Elaine had to rely on the kids to look after one another.
When Marilyn went shopping with her mom, they often didn’t feel welcome. She says, “We weren’t rich enough, well-dressed enough and we just didn’t fit in.
To add to the problem, Elaine was hard to fit. She was short, big-busted and sturdy. One of her favourite expressions was, “Get me an XL short!”
So, when Marilyn was building her business, she made a commitment to designing a line of clothing for all shapes and sizesXXS to 4X. And she searched for ways to produce a high-quality and affordable product. She wanted to make sure everyone could find something comfortable and attractive to wear that would last, especially for women like her mom.
As a lifelong knitter, Elaine loved to use natural fibres. She was an early adopter of caring about the environment and recycling. She shared those loves with Marilyn, who made a commitment to only use natural-fiber fabric that would break down in the environment – after sharing its long life with Blue Sky’s valued customers.
Elaine’s legacy lives on at Blue Sky Clothing, through its commitment to sustainable clothing for people of all shapes and sizes.
“Mom, thank you for being there for me, no matter what!” says Marilyn.



  • Beautiful Tribute to your Mother. You are Amazing Marilyn!

    Posted by Sandy Shaw | February 14, 2024
  • Marilyn, you are your Mom’s legacy! Love Blue Sky Clothing!❤️

    Posted by Avril | February 14, 2024
  • Lovely tribute to your mother Elaine.

    Posted by sandra | January 26, 2024
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