Meet Marie

Written by Margaret Sutherland


Posted on June 01 2023

Marie Goulet is one of Blue Sky Clothing Co's print designers. She started at Blue Sky as a production assistant.
Born on Salt Spring Island, Marie is the second eldest of eight children.
“I was home-schooled. My mom did a lot of art with us – it was essentially an art-based education. We’d collect things and make art incorporating nature … we’d use handmade paper to make mandalas and dry flowers in books. I grew up doing art.”
Marie is self-taught. She has learned from working with Norma, Blue Sky’s other print designer, and from studying online. And she uses a lot of the techniques she learned growing up with her mom.
This season, Marie has several favourite prints.
She designed Hydrangea by taking small hydrangea flowers and dipping them in acrylic paint, using them as a stencil. Then she pressed the paint-covered flowers onto paper, leaving the outline and texture of the flowers.

Cityscape is based on a picture of buildings in Europe. The buildings are transformed in Photoshop to make the shapes of floating buildings. Marie chose a blue background to give the impression of a city underwater.

Fantasia started with a walk in Stanley Park. In the summer, the park is filled with beautiful flowers and plants. The print started with a small sketch, then developed into a fantasy flower sketch. Marie added vibrant teal and lavender colours to match Blue Sky’s teal basics

Summerland features flowers Marie found in North Vancouver neighbourhoods. She took pictures of the flowers, then went home and painted them. She said, “If summer was a print, it would be this one!”

As well as designing prints, Marie does Blue Sky’s photography, taking the amazing photos you see on the Blue Sky website and social media.

At 25, Marie has a long career ahead of her. When asked where she’d like to be in five years, she said, “I’m hoping to keep designing prints each season, incorporating more of my designs to make clothing for people of all ages!”



  • I’m so glad that this was posted! What an amazing and lucky upbringing Marie had. I was brought up with creating but I ‘had to go to school’ which was annoying for me…….. I love hearing about the people behind the scenes and hope for more.

    Posted by nancy | June 02, 2023
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