Empowering Communities: Blue Sky's Socks for Literacy Campaign

Written by Marie Goulet


Posted on February 09 2024

   At Blue Sky Clothing Co., we believe in the power of empowerment. It's not just a buzzword for us; it's at the core of everything we do. That's why we're proud to partner with Decoda Literacy, an organization dedicated to supporting literacy and essential learning skills in communities across British Columbia.

September Literacy Month

   Founded in 2011, Decoda Literacy works tirelessly in 400 communities across BC, touching the lives of children, youth, seniors, immigrants, refugees, and families. Their mission is simple yet profound: to build strong communities through literacy and learning. Whether it's helping children develop crucial skills, ensuring seniors stay connected to the world around them, or assisting immigrant families in adapting to life in Canada, Decoda Literacy is making a tangible difference in countless lives.

   Our partnership with Decoda Literacy is deeply rooted in our belief in empowerment. Marilyn Cobban, the owner and designer of Blue Sky Clothing Co., understands the transformative power of literacy firsthand. "Empowerment is the start of everything," she says. "Literacy is a key to success. If you don't know how to read, you can't succeed. Also, it is a matter of self-esteem. The act of building self-esteem is the foundation of setting people out for success."

Blue Sky's Annual Donation

   For the past six years, Blue Sky has been running the Socks for Literacy campaign, where we donate $1 from every pair of Merino Wool Socks sold to Decoda Literacy. Through this initiative, we've sold over 30,000 pairs of socks, raising funds that directly support Decoda's literacy programs. These funds go towards providing books, snacks, and other essential items needed to facilitate literacy programs in communities across BC.

Blue Sky Staff With Donation
   We are beyond grateful to our customers for their support of this campaign. Every purchase of a pair of Merino Wool Socks not only keeps your feet warm and cozy but also contributes to a cause that is close to our hearts. Together, we are making a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities across British Columbia.
   As we look to the future, Blue Sky Clothing Co. remains committed to our partnership with Decoda Literacy and our mission of empowerment. With your continued support, we can continue to create positive change and help build a brighter, more literate future for all.Warm Regards,Blue Sky Clothing Co.



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