9 Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Outfits

Written by Marie Goulet


Posted on March 29 2024

   As wedding season approaches, finding the perfect outfit that strikes the balance between style and comfort can be a challenge. At Blue Sky, we understand the importance of feeling your best while celebrating special moments. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of our top picks for spring and summer wedding attire, featuring a blend of elegance, comfort, and sustainability.

1. Juni Dress in the Disco Print with the Tellie Cardigan in Pink:

For an enchanting outdoor garden wedding in the spring or summer, embrace elegance and comfort with the Juni Dress in the lively Disco print paired with the Tellie Cardigan in Pink. Designed from luxurious Blue Sky Bamboo Linen, the Juni Dress exudes refined charm, enhanced by its flattering ruched skirt designed for twirling on the dancefloor. Adding a touch of whimsy, the Pink Tellie Cardigan drapes over the shoulders to the smallest part of your waist, harmonizing flawlessly with the dress's floral motif and silhouette. Together, this ensemble exudes grace and joy, perfectly suited for celebrating love amidst blooming gardens.

2. Shauna Dress in the print Misty with the Samantha Samantha Top in Misty: For a traditional wedding, embrace sophistication and comfort with the Shauna Dress in the print Misty, paired elegantly with the coordinating Samantha Top in Misty. The Shauna Dress, has convenient pockets and a self-elastic panel on the back, ensures grace and comfort throughout the festivities. Its classic silhouette and enchanting print set a refined tone, perfect for celebrating love and tradition. Complementing the Shauna Dress flawlessly, the Samantha Top completes the ensemble with its matching print, creating a cohesive and polished look that exudes elegance. Embrace the beauty of tradition while revealing in modern comfort with this impeccably styled duo, designed to make every moment of the wedding day truly unforgettable.
3. Maria Dress in the Print Rosela with the Doda Jacket in Indigo:

For a laid-back and casually chic wedding affair, focus on style and comfort with the Maria Dress in the charming Rosela print, paired seamlessly with the versatile Doda Jacket in Indigo. The Maria Dress, has a flattering square neckline ideal for showcasing your favourite jewelry pieces, features thoughtful details including convenient pockets and playful slits at the hem, allowing you to dance the night away. Its relaxed yet refined silhouette sets the perfect tone for a casual celebration of love. Paired with the Doda Jacket, this ensemble offers both style and practicality, ensuring you stay cozy if the evening breeze sets in. This outfit has been thoughtfully designed to make every moment of the laid-back wedding memorable.

4. Sara Dress in the Mauve Room Print with the Short Shrug in Lavender: Radiate timeless elegance in the Sara Dress in Mauve Room Print paired with the Short Shrug in Lavender. Renowned as one of our best-selling styles, the Sara Dress embodies sophistication and comfort, designed with Blue Sky Bamboo Linen and featuring wide shoulder straps for added support and style. The Mauve Room Print adds a touch of romance with its delicate hues and intricate design, making it the perfect choice for celebrating love and joyous occasions. Layer with the Short Shrug in Lavender for a pop of colour and extra coverage ensuring you feel confident and chic throughout the beautiful moments. Whether you're dancing under the stars or toasting to new beginnings, the Sara Dress exudes effortless charm and grace for any wedding celebration.
5. Morgan Dress in the Canopy Print: 
For summer weddings, embrace the laid-back elegance of the Morgan Dress in the Canopy Print. With its blue tones and a breezy silhouette, this dress is the epitome of summer chic. The short sleeves offer a bit more coverage, and it is designed out of Blue Sky Bamboo Linen. With the addition of pockets for practicality and slits at the hem for added movement, the Morgan Dress allows you to flow effortlessly as you walk or dance through the warm summer breeze. Whether you're attending a beachside ceremony or a countryside affair, this versatile ensemble promises both style and comfort for any summer wedding celebration.
6. Felicia Dress in Floral Youth Print with the Doda Jacket in Khaki: For church weddings, exude timeless elegance in the Felicia Dress in Floral Youth Print paired with the Doda Jacket in Khaki. With its classic floral print and flattering silhouette, the Felicia Dress embodies grace and sophistication. Perfect for a traditional setting, this ensemble offers a balance of style and modesty, making it an ideal choice for church ceremonies. Add the Doda Jacket in Khaki for additional coverage, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the event. Whether you're attending a grand cathedral wedding or a quaint chapel ceremony, this ensemble promises to capture the essence of timeless beauty and grace.
7. Avery Dress in the Greenroom Print with Aldi Sweater in Mandarin:

For outdoor weddings, embrace the fresh and vibrant energy of the Avery Dress in Greenroom Print paired with the Aldi Sweater in Mandarin. Crafted from Bamboo Linen, this ensemble ensures you stay cool and comfortable under the sunshine. The Avery Dress features pockets for practicality and a flowing skirt that makes it perfect for twirling and dancing the day away. The Greenroom Print adds a touch of nature-inspired charm to your look, complemented by the cheerful hue of the Aldi Sweater. Whether you're celebrating love in a garden setting or by the beach, this ensemble promises both elegance and ease for outdoor wedding festivities.


8. Danube Dress in Indigo with the Indigo Doda Jacket:

For black-tie weddings, exude sophistication and timeless elegance in the Danube Dress in Indigo paired with the Indigo Doda Jacket. Crafted from our soft and silky bamboo fabric, the Danube Dress offers luxurious comfort while maintaining a refined silhouette suitable for formal occasions. The mesh underlay provides added coverage and lends an air of ethereal charm to the ensemble. With its ruched flounce skirt, the Danube Dress boasts lightness and movement, allowing you to glide gracefully across the dance floor with ease. Paired with the Indigo Doda Jacket, this ensemble exudes understated glamour and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for black-tie wedding celebrations.

9. Sara Dress in the Denim Polka Print with the White Doda Jacket: For casual backyard weddings, effortlessly blend comfort and style with the Sara Dress in the Denim Polka Print paired with the White Doda Jacket. Designed to flatter all body types, the Sara Dress is crafted from 100% plant-based, wrinkle-resistant rayon, ensuring both comfort and elegance throughout the celebration. The charming Denim Polka Print adds a touch of whimsy to the outfit, offering a casual yet chic vibe that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Layer with the White Doda Jacket for added versatility and coverage, perfect for transitioning from daytime festivities to evening soirées. Whether you're mingling with guests or enjoying a leisurely dance in the backyard, this ensemble promises both style and ease for casual wedding celebrations.
   At Blue Sky, comfort is never sacrificed for fashion. Each of our outfits is designed from natural fibres, ensuring maximum comfort without compromising on style. Whether you’re attending a spring garden wedding or a summer beach celebration, our versatile and sustainable attire will have you looking and feeling your best on the big day.



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