Our Teams

Our Canada team consists of nine stores spread across British Colombia. Beyond our physical storefronts, we have ourhard-working warehouse team and a team to manage our thriving web store, aswell as the dedicated people working at our headquarters in North Vancouver. Marilyn’s sister, Norma, is our fabric artist, designing the many unique and eye-catching prints and patterns that are then brought to life by our overseas teams.

Indonesia has been Marilyn’s go-to place for small quantities of fabric ever since day one. Blue Sky’s fabric production in Indonesia is cottage-industry-based, this small-scale manufacturing model allows families to prosper. By working with batik artists, Marilyn is able to design unique patterns on the natural fibre rayon, and constantly create job opportunities to support the local community.

Marilyn started her Bamboo production in Sichuan, China in 2000 through a family connection. Her niece married a local man and they introduced Sunny, the Bamboo manufacturer who later became a friend and long-term business partner of Blue Sky Clothing to Marilyn. We own a small factory that employs 15 seamsters, who only work for Blue Sky. Marilyn visits the factory annually to check on the well-being of every seamster, making sure that they receive fair wages and quality treatments. 

The most recent addition to the Blue Sky family, the Mongolia team produces our ultra-soft cashmere sweaters. Following a cashmere-producing tradition that dates back hundreds of years, our team cares for the goats that produce the yarn, shear them annually, and dye the yarn locally with natural dyes sourced from Germany.


Over the past 20 years of operating, Blue Sky Clothing has been practicing the “Three Kind” Value: Kind to the people who make our clothes, Kind to the environment, Kind to all body types. Just like how we prefer natural fibres, we believe that pictures naturally tell the facts. The following photos taken on our tour to the origin of our products will do the storytelling of Blue Sky Clothing’s ethical practices. (All the photos were taken before COVID-19.)

An Indonesian man works for Blue Sky Clothing

Local Indonesian employee packing Blue Sky clothes.


Two Bali seamsters and our natural rayon fabrics.


Marilyn visits seamsters and textile makers in Sichuan.


Marilyn, Sunny the Bamboo manufacturer (wearing a white top) and her team behind a sewing machine.



The Bamboo seamsters and textile makers. 


Team gathering in a local restaurant after work.



Two herders and the high mountain goats in Mongolia.

Marilyn and the goats roaming on the grassland.
Production workshop and cashmere dehairing machine.
Marilyn and business partners enjoying the sunrise.