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Light jersey knits of bamboo offer a soft touch on the skin, utter breath-ability, and deep, forgiving stretch. The environmental impact of bamboo is much less than the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing other natural fibers , or the creation, washing and disposing of synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester, which cause deep damage at each level, from manufacture to microplastics in our water, to non-biodegradable disposal.

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Best Underwear for Men&Women!

Choosing soft, natural organic cotton is choosing to be free of synthetic chemicals that persist in fibers, and can be transferred to your skin.  As well, organic cotton is water-wise; where conventional cotton consumes thousands of liters of water for a single kilo of fabric, organic cotton is more drought-resistant, and primarily rain-fed.  Fast-growing bamboo and organic cotton are blended in this soft, rich jersey knit.  A deep stretch combined with slightly heavier weight make this a wonderful choice for sweaters, tunics, pants, and jackets.

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Perfect Light Sweaters for Summer

We blended linen with bamboo, for an innovative, beautiful summer fabric.  The movement and flow of linen is enhanced by bamboo, for a remarkable new fabric: cool, light and no-iron. Linen bamboo has an airy drape, with a slight stretch imparted by forgiving bamboo.  Perfect for hot weather wear; complete breathability, easy-care, and with the benefit of bamboo's natural anti-bacterial properties.

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Keep Cool in a Hot Day

Modal is a strong fiber made from beech tree bark.  Our luxe version is an interlock knit that offers a rich, substantial finish, ideal for pants and jackets.  The smooth matte colours and heavier weight translate beautifully into tailored style with forgiving stretch.  Natural, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

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All You Need for Business Pants or Casual

Our natural rayon is made from regenerated cellulosic fibers. This means that natural rayon is made 100% from plant fibers, broken down to create a viscose thread.
At Blue Sky, we acknowledge that all industries have an environmental impact by working with the most eco-friendly options while no compromise in quality and comfort.

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Be Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

Batiking is a decorative art; using the tracery of wax on fabric to resist or place dyes.  Our batiks are rich in colour, natural, and created by colleagues in Bali, working in a fair trade, ethical environment. After thorough washing, fabric is pressed smooth.  Designs are applied, often foliage, often flowing, always unique to that particular work. 

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Colourful Summer Dresses

Ethically-sourced, recyclable and biodegradable cashmere from Mongolia. All reports indicate they are Happy Goats. And it takes a full year and the shearing of 5 goats to have enough wool to make 1  sweater that is so precious you’ll want to name yours.

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Winter Essentials: Cashmere Sweaters