Kids Bamboo Face Mask, Pack of 5, Assorted - FINAL SALE

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Our best-selling Bamboo Masks, now available in kids sizes! Designed for smaller faces, our Bamboo Masks provide a stretchy, protective fit, making them comfortable enough for daily wear. Naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking, Bamboo fabric makes our Masks silky smooth and soft on the skin. Two-layer design fits cleanly across the face, with no excess fabric.

Please note that mask prints and colours are assorted, and cannot be specified.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash and dry. Please wash before wearing, and after every wear.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Medical or FDA-approved

They are not intended for use in a medical or clinical setting, nor are they meant to replace medical-grade PPE and measures recommended by the CDC. They are designed for adult use only and should not be worn by anyone with breathing or respiratory conditions or those unable to remove a mask without assistance.

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