Happy Goat Cashmere

Written by Hannah Evin


Posted on February 10 2022

Blue Sky’s luxurious cashmere hair is collected from high mountain goats. This species is believed to have its origin in the mountain terrains of Tibet and Mongolia. Therefore, high mountain goats are used to high altitudes and cold temperatures. 

High-mountain goats live in Mongolia, where they roam long-lasting pasture lands. We don’t encourage overbreeding of the goats, as a result, the goats are not over-populated, and the local grasslands won’t turn into deserts. 

Local goat herders take good care of the high-mountain goats. Our designer and owner, Marilyn Cobban has visited Mongolia to see the process from Grasslands to finished products. Marilyn said it was a fabulous experience and the warmth and generosity of the local people was humbling. 

In Mongolia it is considered lucky to get up and watch the sunrise in the grasslands. During her trip to Mongolia, Marilyn shared the good luck and friendship with her friends / business associates. 


The goats are sheared each spring to keep cool in the hot summer. Goats have very little fat, so we make sure not to collect hair frequently and wait until the spring, leaving them enough fur to live through the winter.  

Following the cashmere hair collection each spring, the fabric will be made into yarns locally with industrialized machines and dyed locally with natural dyes we sourced from Germany. It is done on a cottage industry scale with a small group of local people.  

Recently, we introduced three new styles in Cashmere wool, the Winlaw in a classic cardigan style, the Alpine with a mock neckline and full front zipper closure and the New York with a feminine surplice V-neckline. We also have the latest arrival collection featuring the Necessity Shawl in four earthy colours, it can be worn multiple ways as a perfect add-on to your outfit, or simply keeping you warm and cozy at home. 


Cashmere & Merino Wool Garment Care:

Cold water wash as you do not want ot take the lanolin out of the wool. Lanolin is the natural coating on whool which makes it waterproof, you don't need to wash wool very often. It's ideal to hand wash or machine wash on the wool cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry. 



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